Admission and Withdrawals

1. A student seeking admission to any class in the school will be eligible for admission to that class only if he/she:
(a) has been studying in a school recognised by, or affiliated to the CBSE or any other recognised Board of Secondary Education in India.
(b) has passed the qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination making him/her eligible for admission to that class
2. a) The Registration forms for admission will be issued during the month of March. Filled forms should reach the office by 31st March.
b) Entrance Test will be conducted during the 1st week of May against anticipated vacancies .
c) Registration does not guarantee a seat in the Vidyalaya. Subject to availability of seats admission will be given in the merit order based on the entrance test..
3. Essential Records required at the time of admission.
i) a) Copy of the Birth Extract (attested in respect of admissions coming with
Transfer Certificate.
b) Birth Certificate in original in respect of new admissions.
ii)The transfer certificate should be counter signed by an officer not below the rank of District Inspector of Schools of Education Department of the State, Territory concerned.
iii) Mark List (Original – Std VI to X )
iv) Conduct Certificate ( Std VII to X )
v) Third Language clearance certificate for admission to Std-IX and X.
vi) Details of IX Std Registration with CBSE.
4. New pupils must be introduced personally by their parents or guardians who will be responsible for their regularity and fees.
5. On admission, the admission fee, special fee and tuition fee for the term should be paid. The fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

1. Transfer certificate will be issued only to those who have paid all the fees and other dues.
2. Transfer certificate will be given only on the production of a written application from the parent or guardian.
3. Pupil leaving or joining the school in the middle of the term must pay the term fees and other dues.
4. A month’s notice in writing is required for the withdrawal of a pupil.

Entrusting the pupil to the school implies that parent agrees to the stand by the rules and regulations of the school. They are requested to see that the children also abide by school regulation.

Admission to Class XI

Admission for XI Std, will depend on the marks(grades) secured in the Board Exam(AISSE) and vacancy.

Application forms will be issued only after publication of results and Admission formalities will be completed within 3 days after the publication of CBSE results. Hostel facilities are available on admission for Boys and Girls on first come first served basis.

Since grades have been introduced, we might conduct an entrance test to decide eligibility to Std XI.